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Screeding London

What is Screeding?


Screeding is not complicated as it seems to be we can say it is a top finishing. Screed is a type of plaster which is having smooth texture from cement and sand combination. This is not base on coarse aggregate. The latest type of screed is considering upon as a self-levelling, the underlying meaning of it is to level itself when the new surface placed. It is widely using on interior floors as a finishing layer.

Concrete Singh limited is offering reliable and hassle free Screeding London services. We are ensuring reliability at its peak. We have tried to ensure your projects would complete with a minimal left-over and minimum time span. 

Screed categories:

After getting know-how of screeding, this is time to equip yourself from its general types.

  • Bonded Screed:
    Such kind of screed bond by a particular binding agent which used for thinner screeds where heavy loading is supposing. The ideal thickness of sand and cement bonded screed is about 25-40mm. 100% attention is required while laying to ensure de-bonding will not occur.
  • Unbonded screed:
    You can imagine as per name this is not directly bonded but it is applying to the damp proof membrane which is laying on top of the concrete base. The best advantage of this type of screed this is not in directly contact with the primary structure, and if there are any potential effects like settling and contracting, then it wouldn’t affect the base structure.
  • Floating Screed:
    To create thermally efficient floor this type of screed is on top priority for insulation. These are widely used where underfloor heating solutions are providing. It usually has a thickness 65mm above for lightly loaded and 75 mm for heavily loaded floors.
  • Screed over Underfloor Heating:
    Screed layer uses to install overheating or insulation pipes. It is quite helpful for retaining heat. The bonding agent is not required for such screeding. It requires sufficient time for letting it dry before turning on heating system otherwise severe cracks can ruin your floor.

Floor Screeding:

Concrete Singh limited is offering high-quality products of  screeding in London and across the United Kingdom to their valued customers. Dealing each sector whether these are commercial or non-commercial sectors. We are catering floor screeding requirements of our customer's hassle free

Requirements can be:

  1. High performance Screed
  2. Smoothing and leveling compounds usage
  3. Quick Dry
  4. Traditional screeds
  5. Screeding over under floor heating

Get your right Floor Screeding with Concrete Singh Limited:

You can have good floor screeding under the roof of concrete Singh limited. Our energetic experts are giving best to provide you best Screeding London products as per your requirements. We are available 24/7 to serve you. We believe you can have right floor screeding if you have:

  • Actual Floor Screed
  • Exact screed mix
  • Actual Screed installation process
  • Valid safety measures for protecting screed
  • Real Expert

You will get this all under the roof of Concrete Singh limited. We are acknowledging customer’s feedback at our top consideration. Our experts eagerly involve with your issues and will suggest you right solution in real time. We are considering your deadlines, and we respect that. Our team is abided to provide you best service according to health and safety documentation of projects.

We are doing full site inspection before starting with each project. High-quality floor screed with installation is our first aim. We are providing services at economical rates. We believe in saving time and saving money. We are not exaggerating our services just showing what we are. Customer’s feedback has a vital role in our success. Concrete Singh limited is not charging single penny as a delivery fee, and there are no hidden costs. We have the high standard equipment. We are proudly leading in a market with top class screed and screed mixing services. 

If you are having any question give a call at 0800 038 9111 or 0208 702 91 11 or you can drop your query in our email address info@concretesingh.com.

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